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Winter trip to Eastern Hokkaido - part 2 : Nemuro


[Voyage d'hiver dans l'est d'Hokkaido - le train vers Numero, la pointe glacée de Shunkunitai, la vie l'hiver au lac Furen et un finistère japonais au Cap Nosappu]


On the train to Nemuro

Every 5 minutes
The single-carriage train stops:
Deers are crossing
Or a fox
Or there's an eagle flying in front of us,
so close to the loco that I can count his feathers










Point of Shunkunitai


Bits of drift ice
Swans on the Okhotsk Sea
Stellar eagle watching us
I'm cold


Lake Furen



Lake Furen

Piles of snow on the frozen water


Stellar eagles in the sky

Hovering in silence

White swans on the waving sea
Floating for a rest

Tens of deers slowed by the snow

One of them with a broken leg

Pair of cranes roaming the river

Fishing in the winter


If I cross the gaze of an eagle

What do I get ?

What does he get from me ?


If a wild deer looks into my eyes

What's left of it into our lives ?

Who, in that frozen miracle 

Is giving, and who

Is the receiver ? 


Four o’clock

Daylight declining

It’s the hour of the fox

Rapid red flames running
Upon the white vast ground


We slowly head back
Filled with wild and white

For all that was offered

Blithely grateful




Cape Nosappu



Eastern end of the Japanese world
Popular place to watch
The first rising sun of the year
In front of empty islands

Claimed by Japan over Russia


The rocks of Habomai

Like the blocks of ice

Like the fish in the stream

Belong only to the sea


Today, there is no one

There is no sun

There is nothing

Just a strong blizzard

The weird sounds

Of the cracking ice

A japanese Sisyphe shovelling the snow

A few eagles fishing

And two lost travelers

Waiting for the bus





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I’m Florence, a Belgian artist temporarily living in Sapporo on Hokkaido island, in the north of Japan. This blog is dedicated to my japanese travels, artworks & projects.


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