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Women of Japan : looking for particular profiles


Hands of a woman in Tokyo's subway



[Japanese version here : で求める特定の人物像について]


My Women of Japan exhibition and book project is going well, with new exhibitions coming in Sapporo and Tokyo this spring. I am still looking for new models (please read "how to become a model" for more practical information). 
Eventhough all profiles remain very welcome, I have now started looking for particular ones, so as to have varied points of view in the project.


I am especially looking for :


- Old, and even very old women. I think it would be sad not to have the voice of the ancients in this project. If you can introduce me to your grandma or any old woman you know, I would be so grateful and value our encounter and her testimony as a most precious thing, even if she only speaks Japanese.


- Younger women or girls (under 20). I'd be glad to have more youth in the project too !


- Women from the countryside, rural or remote areas. Almost all of my current models live in a very big city but it's not representative of all the japanese lifestyles.


- Women who identify themselves as LGBTQ (and I?). I am sensitive to the topic, open minded and curious to compare experiences between our cultures. It is important to me that my project can show that there are so many ways of being a woman, gives a visibility to voices we don't always hear and calls to tolerance. Ladies, I'd be so happy to hear about your stories !


- Hāfu women. I think that being a metis is something very particular in Japan, and I'd really like to know more about it.


- Women with a rich spiritual/religious life. I've alreaydy met a few ones but I'm still curious. Maybe even a nun or priest ?


- Women willing to talk about some topics that don't often come out naturally in the conversation or that I don't always dare asking about, such as sexuality, birth experiences or death.


Some of the above subjects might require some privacy, so in case of secrecy concern, remember that anonymous testimonies are possible.


People wo read me, I will need help to spread the word so as to reach those women, so I'd be extremely grateful if you could share this article around you or talk about it to the women you know.

Love and light, thank you a million times !  <3 <3 <3





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I’m Florence, a Belgian artist temporarily living in Sapporo on Hokkaido island, in the north of Japan. This blog is dedicated to my japanese travels, artworks & projects.


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